Our Plan for COVID-19

Due to the current world situation, Hidden Pawtential has had to take all classes and lessons online. While we have a bit extra time on our hands, it’s an important opportunity to put in a little extra training at home. Virtual Lessons are easy and provide you the exact same expertise and immediate feedback that you would receive in person. We hope that you keep well and stay safe and if there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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Virtual Consultations

We like to start by evaluating your dog and developing a plan to help you achieve your training goals.

Customized Training

We'll build a customized training plan tailored to suit you, your dog, and your goals.

Professional Training

Our professional dog trainer, Kimberley Pastirik, is a certified, experienced dog trainer with a background in animal behavior.

Virtual Classes

Several classes available, each with a different focus on tricks, skills, and behaviors in a fun and positive environment.

All Dogs

Whether your dog is a puppy, adolescent, adult, or senior, we can help you train. We can also help with aggressive or fearful dogs.

Force-Free Learning

All of our training uses positive reinforcement and we'll show you the trick to not only training your dog, but making them want to learn!

What is Force-Free Training?

Force-free goes by several names, such as positive reinforcement. The basic idea is that by rewarding your dog with something enjoyable after they offer a desired behaviour (such as treats or praise), the result will be an increased likelihood that they'll offer that behaviour in the future.

Force-free training is incredibly effective. It builds a strong foundation of trust between you and your dog, doesn't require you to force, hurt, or intimidate your dog, and is the most up to date and science-based training approach.

To show our commitment to setting dogs up for success, we've partnered with the Alberta Force-Free Alliance to help promote the force-free and humane training and handling of dogs.

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